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[19 Aug 2012|12:37am]
My name is Jetta and I smoke weed. XD

I'm the preachy/hippy type of stoner. I like argueing with people who don't like ie, because I'm always right. It's completelyharmless and in some instanes, benificial.

It makes me sad that there isn't much going on in this commuity. I think if we can work together we can get this place busy again.

Mutual cooperatio leads to mutual benefit I all things at all times. (Ron Shock)
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new here, but not new to the green [05 Mar 2012|09:54pm]

been smoking since age 14, i'm 20 now.

what's everyone's favorite time to burn it down?
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[01 Aug 2011|11:08am]

hey, i'm new here. i have a question for you all, so here it goes. i tried making "green dragon" by leaving pot in 160 proof devil's springs vodka for like 2 months. but i realized drinking devil's springs seems to make me depressed and irritable. what will happen if i try to cook/boil the green dragon? will the alchohol content burn away, leaving the thc? i want to use the green dragon to make thc candies.
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ed-1? [14 Nov 2010|11:08pm]

anyone ever heard of elvis-deisel 1? my doctor "prescribed" it for me and it's 4 hit POWERFUL. And I have to smoke all day due to medical problems.
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Elvis - Diesel 1 (ED-1) [14 Nov 2010|06:41pm]

I smoke all day (for medical reasons) beginning with shortly after my tea and this hybrid gets me stoned in 4 hits. Was wondering if anyone else has heard of this?
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Detoxing from marijuana within 5-7 days?? [25 Jun 2010|12:52pm]

I am trying to find the best detox method for somebody that smokes marijuana daily (since 2008) and is getting piss tested next week, assuming the person stops smoking today. The person is 115 pounds and does not have a lot of body fat. I'm not sure that substituting with synthetic urine is gong to be an option, flushing/detox is the back-up plan.

Are the detox kits or drinks worth the price or is there an at-home method that truly works???

Also, if you have ever failed a faked test I'd like to hear about what went wrong, feel free to private message.

Thanks in advance for any help or insight.

* this has been cross-posted in related communities.
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Legalize Marijuana one state at a time! [01 May 2010|02:22pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I've created this petition in hopes to legalize Marijuana in the state of West Virginia. My goal is to reach 700,000 signatures. I've stated nothing but facts in my petition, I've researched this particular drug for a very long time now and the knowledge is from personal experience as well as scientific research.

If one state can make this goal come to life, someone else may become inspired to do the same thing. Nothing is impossible.

If you decided to sign the petition, thank you!

http://www.change.org/petitions/view/the_advantages_of_legalizing_marijuana That's the link.

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new [18 Dec 2009|11:59pm]

Helllo. Name is April. I smoke a lot of weed. And I like it that way :) How are you?
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[16 Jul 2009|09:06pm]

weed tea?
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Marijuana effecting memory? [19 May 2009|09:11pm]

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to mine...

I am a relatively new smoker. I have been smoking for about 3 months now. I started off pretty strong. For a couple weeks I was in the habit of smoking everyday but eventually I cut it down to 2-3 times a week. (On the weekends) Ever since I started smoking I have been having slight spells of confusion. It would start off when I would smoke, and then that night I would wake up because I couldn't figure out where I was or what I was even doing. I thought it was normal and just due to smoking that day.

However, these spells are starting to happen more frequently. (Even if I have not smoked) It usually occurs during the middle of the night where I am jolted awake because I simply cant remember anything. I have to think pretty hard for a good minute before I can figure out what I'm doing and where I am. I also have this sort of confusion in the morning as well. Most of the time when my alarm goes off I cant understand why I set it, why it's going off, and why I had to wake up early. I also have found that I can't keep track of the days of the week. Today I couldn't remember it was tuesday, and yesterday I couldn't remember it was monday without asking someone.

These feelings of confusion leave me feeling pretty uneasy and sometimes even frightened because for a minute I can't remember anything. Has anyone else had this experience? Do you think it is directly connected with smoking?
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Drug testing... [08 May 2009|11:21am]

[ mood | bored ]

i am moving soon and will likely have to take a drug test to get a new job. problem is, i have been smoking for a month straight... i ran out of weed(sad!) so i haven't smoked in almost a week...any ideas on how to pass a drug test in a week or two?

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can we get a convo going? [05 May 2009|12:26pm]

ya know? i was pretty stoked to try and get this community going again. has everyone just given up? dont leave me hangin. just let me know if its a dead community and we'll just delete it or something. its too sad to see it like this.
but if you're down then make a post god damn it! lol

i know you're all out there smokin that good good cheeba.
and we wanna know your random stoney thoughts, funny shit that happens, etc...

and to get things started.........
what are your favorite stoner movies?

for the longest time half baked topped my charts. but pineapple express is just TOO FUNNY. there are sooo many great lines
i find myself always saying "dopest dope you'll ever smoke" just bc of the voice he does it in. i love it. it's the product of baby fuckin'!

and just a reminder: please vote for me for miss high times! i could use all the support i can get and i really appreciate it.

mmmm pot cereal....
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make me miss.high.times [30 Apr 2009|04:14pm]

hey guys. high times re-vamped their site so it looks like im back in the game!

just hop over to the link below and check out my account. id love all your votes


--your mod
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re-vamp? [22 Apr 2009|07:21pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

who would like to see this community come back to life? i sure would! and i promise if you guys are down, ill do all i can to make it happen.
maybe someone wants to be a co-mod?

so lets get stoned and make some posts! and suggestions for making this community better

lets start with this: what did you all do for 4/20? i was a little shocked no one posted on monday, but then again i was too stoned to do anything as well

im in san francisco and it was too deathly hot to be outside, so i stayed inside and smoked a blunt to the neck. then when it cooled down at night we went to zeitgeist, had a pitcher of beer and smoked two joints. it was most glorious and the place was super crackin' sooo many people.

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Just off Drug court :) [12 Apr 2009|10:25pm]

[ mood | high ]

I'm finally able to smoke weed again after...EIGHT MONTHS.

it was so awful...I couldn't even drink.  So for eight months of my life, i spent getting drug tested 4 times a week.

but now.....

S.W.E.D <333333333333333

(smoke weed errydayyy)

Next time your high, look up 'manifest reality' on youtube.  It changed my life :)<3333
&& while your at it, 'Old Gregg' but thats better if yur trippin ballz.

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MD medical marijuana laws on WPFW 89.3 FM radio at 3pm today [18 Mar 2009|11:20am]

89.3FM  -- WPFW "DC Jazz & Justice"
TODAY at 3pm
for Americans for Safe Access to discuss Medical Marijuana in Maryland,
and HB 1339 - a bill to establish a task force to study medical marijuana laws in MD.

Tune in to 89.3FM at 3pm!

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press release: Maryland Judicial Committee Hearing on Medical Marijuana [06 Mar 2009|05:43pm]


PRESS RELEASE   |  Americans for Safe Access    |   For Immediate Release: March 6, 2009



Caren Woodson - Montgomery County chapter 510-388-0546

Damien Nichols – Prince George’s County chapter 410-507-9379


Judiciary Committee Schedules Hearing on Medical Marijuana

Patients, advocates prepare to change inadequate Maryland law


Annapolis, MD –  On Tuesday, March 24 the House of Delegate Standing Committee on the Judiciary will conduct a legislative hearing to consider HB1339, a bill to study Maryland’s medical marijuana law.  Earlier this week, the bill was approved by the Rules Committee prior to being assigned a hearing date by Judiciary Committee Chairman Joseph Vallario (D-Prince George’s County).


State Delegate Henry Heller (D-Montgomery County) introduced HB 1339 last month, legislation that creates a task force to study the issues related to medical marijuana throughout the state of Maryland. If the bill passes, the State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene would be required to staff a Governor-appointed task force to evaluate whether the current state law is effective, fair, and equally enforced across all state jurisdictions in addition to other issues concerning the limited, therapeutic use of cannabis.


In 2002, shortly after a Federal Court of Appeal held that physicians have a Constitutional First Amendment right to recommend the use of marijuana to their patients, the Maryland state legislature passed the Darrell Putman Compassionate Use Act (CUA). The CUA requires state and local courts to consider a patient's use of medical marijuana in accordance with a physician's recommendation to be a "mitigating factor" in marijuana-related state prosecutions. The law permits an affirmative defense in state court, yet still may penalize qualified patients by fining them a maximum of $100.


However, according to medical marijuana advocates, individuals in Maryland who possess a physician’s recommendation to use marijuana for therapeutic purposes are still arrested, prosecuted, and, in some cases, fined more than the statutory $100 limit. Worse still, legitimate patients in Maryland are forced to break the law; unnecessarily, and sometimes harmfully, involving themselves in the illicit market in order to gain access to their physician-recommended marijuana. "In short, Maryland’s medical marijuana law is broken," said Tony Bowles, a spokesperson with the Montgomery County Chapter of Americans for Safe Access, a medical marijuana advocacy organization. "Ironically, and tragically, people suffering from serious or chronic conditions are vulnerable to arrest and prosecution, and are left without a safe, secure way to access physician-recommended medical marijuana."


Steven Fowler, Montgomery County resident and patient, adds "as patients, all we are asking is that the government look into the current program to determine if it is the safest option for patients in need: Data, not doctrine should determine policy on health care issues."


Excluding Maryland, thirteen states, representing more than 72 million people, have passed laws authorizing patients living with a serious or chronic condition to use physician-recommended marijuana free from criminal prosecution. The Maryland chapters of Americans For Safe Access (MD-ASA), together with patients and their supporters, have been working to bring the same protections and progressive health policies to the State of Maryland. "Every year, Maryland wastes precious law enforcement resources to conduct investigations, and to arrest and prosecute scores of people who legitimately use medical cannabis to control symptoms of a serious or chronic illness," said Bowles. "We applaud Delegate Heller's proposal and hope this task force will put science above politics, paving the way for much needed changes to a flawed medical marijuana law."


Further information:

Full text of HB1339: http://www.mlis.state.md.us/2009rs/bills/hb/hb1339f.pdf

Facts on Maryland's medical marijuana law: http://www.safeaccessnow.org/article.php?id=2050

Maryland Chapters of Americans for Safe Access: http://www.americansforsafeaccess.org/article.php?id=280

Prince George’s County ASA Campaign website:http://www.MDSafeAccess.org

Maryland Gazette Article, March 4, 2009:http://www.gazette.net/stories/03042009/montnew220431_32489.shtml


# # #


With over 30,000 active members in more than 40 states, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. ASA works to overcome political and legal barriers by creating policies that improve access to medical cannabis for patients and researchers through legislation, education, litigation, grassroots actions, advocacy and services for patients and the caregivers.

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New [11 Feb 2009|11:06pm]

Hey guys :] Wanted to introduce myself to the community! Just got on LJ come check out my journal :] 
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Medical Marijuana Week activities in Maryland [09 Feb 2009|12:56pm]


For the 7th year in a row activists across the nation will be organizing in support of Medical Marijuana Week.

Hosted annually during the week of February 15th, Medical Marijuana Week is an empowering week of events and activities organized to raise awareness about the growing support for safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research throughout the nation.

The Maryland chapters of Americans for Safe Access welcome your attendance at the following events:

Mon. Feb. 16th, 5pm -- Candlelight Vigil on the steps of The Maryland State House, located at State Circle in Annapolis, Maryland

Wed. Feb. 18th, 7pm -- Medical Cannabis 101. Panel of experts will discuss medical, legal, and political aspects of medical marijuana. U of MD College Park Campus, Room 3215 in the Art-Soc building

Thurs. Feb. 19th, 7pm
-- MMJ Week Wrap Party. Featuring local live entertainment, featured speakers, light snacks and drinks, $5 suggested donation, 2640 St. Paul St. Baltimore

For more info contact: Tony (415) 283-7404 or md4safeaccess@gmail.com

Americans for Safe Access is the nation’s largest organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

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[30 Jan 2009|02:15am]

can anyone tell me about the dynamite and champagne strains? are they both hybrids..? what's the difference between the two? which would be better for insomnia?
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