Rose Alana (wonderin_gal) wrote in ismokeweed,
Rose Alana

can we get a convo going?

ya know? i was pretty stoked to try and get this community going again. has everyone just given up? dont leave me hangin. just let me know if its a dead community and we'll just delete it or something. its too sad to see it like this.
but if you're down then make a post god damn it! lol

i know you're all out there smokin that good good cheeba.
and we wanna know your random stoney thoughts, funny shit that happens, etc...

and to get things started.........
what are your favorite stoner movies?

for the longest time half baked topped my charts. but pineapple express is just TOO FUNNY. there are sooo many great lines
i find myself always saying "dopest dope you'll ever smoke" just bc of the voice he does it in. i love it. it's the product of baby fuckin'!

and just a reminder: please vote for me for miss high times! i could use all the support i can get and i really appreciate it.

mmmm pot cereal....
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grandma's boy. best movie ever!
omg i always forget about that one bc ive only seen it a few times :( whereas those others ive seen a bajillion times.
grandma's boy is really funny. my favorite is the robot boss.
Stoner movies:
Harold and kumar (1&2!)
Half baked
Bill and teds excellent adventure
Cheech and chong up in smoke
Cheech and chong still smokin
How High
Pineapple Express.

I still can't decide which one's my favorite ;)